Former reality star sentenced to 16 years in prison after fatal DUI crash

From reality star to disgraced criminal… that is the story of Melissa Hancock.

Hancock, who had appeared on “Little Women: Atlanta” has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for a fatal DUI accident in 2017.

The Accident

According to reports, Hancock was driving down the wrong side of the road while drunk on November 4.

She ended up hitting a U.S. Coast Guard technician on a Virginia highway.

Sadly, 29-year-old Daniel Dill was killed in the accident.

The former reality star’s blood alcohol level was 0.194.

The legal limit in Virginia is 0.08.

Hancock pled guilty to charges on manslaughter.

Her sentencing was held on October 10, at which point she was given 16 years in prison.

Hancock was also injured in the accident.

While appearing in court, she was still suffering from a fractured back.

The Victim

At 29, Dill still had a very long career ahead of him in the Coast Guard.

On this particular night, he had gone out to dinner with his wife. The couple was on their way home when Hancock hit them.

What had been a joyful birthday celebration turned into a complete nightmare.

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Dill’s family is still struggling with the situation.

Daniel’s father-in-law, Steven Rocha, stated, “We’re trying to work toward forgiveness, but right now we’re not even close.”

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