Former federal prosecutor shreds Dems’ impeachment case

Andrew McCarthy is a former U.S. attorney who knows a bogus case when he sees one. And President Donald Trump’s impeachment, according to McCarthy, is one such case.

McCarthy wrote in an op-ed for National Review in which he argues that the ridiculous posturing by House Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is proof that the impeachment is an ill-conceived disaster

Where are the real charges?

McCarthy made the case that Democrats have not found an actual impeachable offense and that Democrats’ misconduct surrounding the impeachment procedure can be attributed mainly to that fact.

“Everything that is happening owes to the fact that we do not have an offense sufficiently grave for invocation of the Constitution’s nuclear option,” he opined.

“If we had one, the machinations and the posturing would be unnecessary — even ridiculous,” McCarthy added.

Democrats knew they did not have a real case, so they made up very ambiguous charges that were rushed through the House before they were even adequately fleshed out.

Flimsy articles

Looking at the charges themselves, it is pretty evident that the only thing we really have here is more political theater.

Trump is being accused of abusing his power, with Democrats citing the recent Government Accountability Office report stating that Trump’s temporary hold on aid to Ukraine was illegal and the phone call with Ukraine itself asking for an investigation into Joe Biden.

But as McCarthy pointed out, even if these allegations are true, “we don’t leap from abuse to expulsion. We don’t expect routinely to expel members of Congress or impeach presidents and judges. That is reserved for historically extraordinary wrongs,” he said.

Nancy Pelosi and her anti-Trump colleagues have failed so spectacularly to actually present an “extraordinary wrong” perpetrated by Trump that they are now demanding that the Senate do the work for them by taking new testimony and receiving new documents.

As far as the second charge of obstruction, many of the documents and witnesses Democrats are claiming as evidence of obstruction are still working their way through the court system.

If there is a case to be made for “abuse of power,” it can be made against Pelosi and her henchmen for jumping the gun on this impeachment. Oddly enough, Dems are guilty of the very thing for which they impeached the president, and that alone should be a massive eye-opener for voters come election day.

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