Former Peruvian president shoots himself as police attempt to arrest him

The weight of corruption charges were apparently too much for Alan Garcia, ex-president of Peru.

With police closing in, Garcia reportedly put a gun to his head in an effort to end his own life.

Police rushed the disgraced former president to a local hospital, but he died despite their efforts to save him.


At the time Garcia shot himself, local police were in his home and about to arrest him.

Garcia, 69, was accused of money laundering and about to be brought in for questioning.

The former president reportedly asked police if he could call his attorney, then excused himself to a different room.

Suddenly, authorities stated they heard a gun blast and stormed the door.

Before being pronounced dead, Garcia had been resuscitated three times by doctors due to cardiac arrests.

Corruption allegations

Garcia served as president in two separate terms. His first term in office was from 1985-1990 and his second term from 2006 to 2011.

While in office, it is alleged he accepted bribes in return for government issued contracts.

One construction company, Odebrecht, is on record for claiming to have paid Peruvian government officials $29 million.

Garcia has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation. He sought political asylum in Uruguay last year, but was refused.

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