Former officials reveal Cuomo based pandemic response on politics and ego

Though news about disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has been pushed aside by most of the mainstream media, new revelations into how he grossly mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic are just now beginning to come to light.

According to Fox News, former state health officials revealed that Cuomo’s approach to the pandemic was based mostly on politics and protecting his ego, which isn’t a surprise as many already believed that to be the case, but now it has been confirmed by many who were close to the situation.

The bombshell report was first published by Politico, citing unnamed former officials that described Cuomo’s pandemic response as “frantic.”

The Politico report added that public health officials in New York “were not just overruled, but constantly responding to Cuomo’s ‘ridiculous demands’ that were expected to take precedence.”

What are they saying?

A former New York Department of Health official revealed that, unsurprisingly, Cuomo’s top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic was his highly-rated, televised daily press conferences.

The unnamed DOH official said Cuomo’s pressers “diverted people’s attention to service the press conference instead of servicing the running of the state.”

The staffer added: “It became more about the press conference and about the issue that he was talking about at the press conference.” Cuomo would later win an International Emmy for his famous pressers, but that award was later stripped away in the wake of his sexual misconduct scandal, an entirely separate, but equally damning situation.

In addition, a former staffer on Cuomo’s COVID-19 task force admitted that “If he saw a bad story he pivoted, and we reacted to it, the policies reacted to it. Everyone who worked with him put up with it. But he got a lot of kudos.”

Cuomo’s people react

To be expected, spokespeople for the former governor quickly reacted to the shocking story from Politico, in which they clearly attempted to discredit the former officials who are now speaking out about just how bad things were at the time.

“These are second or third hand interpretations from an employee whose only interaction with the Governor or his top staff was during a live COVID briefing and the fact that this line of questioning was even pursued in this unrelated matter speaks volumes about how this entire situation was politicized and weaponized,” said spokesperson Rich Azzopardi.

Azzopardi added: “We listened to the evolving science, but pushed back against the bureaucracy and the bureaucracy has been trying to get even every day since.”

Try as they might, given everything we now know about Cuomo and the way he conducted himself both publicly and privately, it’s a safe bet that nobody will believe anything coming out of his mouth, or the mouths of what few minions that remain loyal.

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