Former Obama staffer tied to Smollett cover-up

Former Obama administration official Tina Tchen is at the center of the latest developments stemming from the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax.

Tchen, who was formerly Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, is now filing motions to quash subpoenas digging into her role in the Smollett case.

Ties to the Obamas

As Michelle’s former chief of staff, anything that Tchen does will always be linked to her time with the Obama administration.

Whether Tchen wants to admit it or not, her previous role offers her contacts and influence most individuals in this country do not have.

As such, when she picks up the phone to advocate for someone accused of orchestrating a fake hoax crime, people notice.

In this case, as the Smollett case was playing out, Tchen reached out to Kim Foxx, the Cook County State Attorney handling the case.

Ties to Smollett

According to Tchen, she and Smollett are linked through work she has done previously with the Smollett family.

She claims she only reached out to Foxx to express concern for how the media was portraying the case against Smollett.

If that is all there is to it, however, why is she so dead set on quashing this subpoena? Tchen claims the individual filing for the subpoena has no business in this case in the first place.

Former Illinois Appeals Court Judge Sheila O’Brien has asked for a special counsel to be assigned to investigate the handling of the case. As O’Brien is no longer an active judge, Tchen is challenging her authority to do so.

The case remains open but this is an issue that is not going to go away anytime soon for Tchen or the Obamas, regardless of the outcome.

It is very hard to ignore the fact here that a former Obama staffer stuck her nose somewhere it did not belong.

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