Former Obama aide says Dems need to be ‘the party of the parents’ if they want to win in 2022

After suffering a crushing defeat in Virginia, some Democrats are worried that the party may be losing the support of a key voting demographic: parents.

According to Fox News, Stephanie Cutter, who served as a deputy campaign manager for former President Barack Obama, admitted during a Wednesday appearance on MSNBC that Dems can’t afford to lose parents as the party looks to the 2022 midterms.

“The one thing that we need to make sure of is that Republicans in 2022 don’t become is the party of parents, because we need to be the party of the parents,” Cutter said, according to Fox.

She went on: “And we are. We’re the ones that care about school funding. We’re the ones that care about making sure parents can send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to. All of this. We need to own that agenda. We cannot let it go.”

“A defining moment”

Cutter’s comments came the day after Republican Glenn Youngkin beat out Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Virginia’s governorship.

Leading up to this election, education became a major issue. Exit polls found that after the usual suspects — the economy and jobs — education among the most important issues for Virginia voters.

Accordingly, many see Youngkin’s victory as a sign that America is rejecting the Democrats’ approach to education. During his campaign, the Republican hammered opponent McAuliffe on that point in ads and at rallies.

“This is a defining moment to the future of our commonwealth. A defining moment where we can stand up and say no to this progressive liberal agenda taking over,” Youngkin said ahead of the election, according to Bloomberg. 

He went on to vow to “end critical race theory,” eliciting a huge response from the crowd, Bloomberg said.

“Go on the offense”

In the aftermath, Cutter isn’t the only Democrat with ties to Obama voicing the need for Democrats to rethink their messaging on education. David Plouffe, a former campaign manager for Obama, is now advising Democrats to “go on the offense” on critical race theory.

“Critical race theory was a lie, and I think we have to go on the offense,” he said, according to a separate report from Fox News. “Terry McAuliffe tried to do this, say it’s a lie, they know it’s a lie. But are you scared for your kids to learn about slavery or lynching or housing discrimination? Are we raising kids to be that weak?”

Will Dems learn their lesson by next November? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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