Former NYPD detective drowns while trying to save 12-year-old

There is something truly special about someone who puts on a uniform each morning, knowing full well they may have to put their life on the line for someone else… and they still do it.

That is the type of person NYPD Detective Jose Rosario was, and he proved it when he put his life secondary to that of a young boy drowning in Puerto Rico. While Rosario was able to get the 12-year-old boy to safety, he lost his own life in the process.

What Happened

The tragic incident happened back in March 2015.

Rosario, 45, was a retired NYPD officer in Puerto Rico.

Even though he was retired, his instincts kicked in when he saw the young boy in trouble.

While he was able to get the boy safely to a rock and out of trouble, an untimely wave swept the former detective away and to his eventual death.

His body was recovered several days later.

Posthumous Award

A year after the rescue, Rosario was awarded the Coast Guard’s Gold Lifesaving medal.

His widow and 13-year-old son accepted the award on his behalf.

His wife, Ines Rosario, stated, “It was devastating and a great tragedy but not surprising to anyone who really knew him.”

The medal itself is one of the rarest awards issued by our military.

U.S. Coast Guard First District Commander Admiral Steven Poulin stated, “It’s a deep privilege to recognize detective Jose Rosario. He gave his life so others may live.”

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Sadly, stories like this are often brushed to the back of the paper, never getting headlines because everyone is so focused on the negative news.

It is stories such as this, though, that remind us and the world what heroes like our first responders are really like.

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