Former MLB player Chris Duncan dies from brain cancer

The St. Louis Cardinals fan base and organization are in mourning this week.

On Friday, former Cardinals star Chris Duncan succumbed to brain cancer and passed away at the age of 38.

Cardinal Forever

Duncan made his Major League debut with the Cardinals in 2005 at the age of 24. The best year of his career also happened to the same year the Cardinals won the World Series, 2006.

During that season, Duncan was a part-time player, appearing in 90 games. As a part-time player, though, he would contribute significantly to the team’s success.

In just over 300 plate appearances, Duncan hit 22 home runs and had an impressive .952 OPS.

In the postseason, Duncan struggled mightily, though. Through the three postseason series, Duncan only managed a .136 batting average, hitting only .125 in 10 plate appearances in the World Series.

He would go on to appear in a career-high 127 games in 2007, but his struggles at the plate from the postseason would follow him. He hit .259 in 2007, fell to .248 in 2008, and in his final season, 2009, he would hit only .227.

After retiring from baseball, Duncan moved to ESPN radio.

Battle with Brain Cancer

Duncan first found out he had brain cancer in 2012. He was only 31 years old. In 2013, he announced that he was still undergoing treatment, but the cancer was responding and things were starting to look much better.

However, in 2018, Duncan found out the cancerous tumor had returned, and he decided to take a medical leave of absence to concentrate on fighting cancer.

In January, things appeared to be getting worse, as Duncan announced he was taking a permanent leave of absence from his broadcasting duties.

Then, on Friday, the Cardinals announced that Duncan had finally succumbed to this horrific disease. Duncan is survived by his wife. Rest in peace Chris, your fans will miss you.

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