Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield accused of molesting then-teenage sister-in-law

Former Republican Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield is under fire this week as he faces disturbing allegations leveled by his sister-in-law that has already sparked an investigation.

According to the Daily Caller, Chatfield has been accused of molesting his sister-in-law while she was a teenager attending Northern Michigan Christian Academy School. 

The Lansing City Pulse, a local paper, broke the story, reporting that Chatfield began the molestation when she was 15, and claimed that he continued the act until she turned 21. The accuser is now 27.

As of this writing, the investigation into the allegations is being handled by the Michigan State Police.

Lawyer issues statement

The attorney for the accused issued a statement this week that called for “accountability,” hoping the investigation will bring that for the alleged victim and her family.

“Her and her family, they’re working through it,” said attorney Jamie White.

She added: “They’re looking forward to working with law enforcement to bring this allegation to conclusion and (bring) accountability for others that have been harmed.”

Notably, the school where the alleged long-term assault took place is run by the former speaker’s father, Rusty Chatfield. According to the Associated Press, Lee Chatfield taught at the school, and was involved in coaching. He was also the school’s athletic director for a short time.

The Daily Caller reached out to investigators with MSP, but haven’t received a comment on the breaking story.

Chatfield’s history

In 2014, then 33-year-old Chatfield was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, and only five years later, became the youngest state house speaker in over 100 years.

If Chatfield’s name sounds familiar, it’s not surprising, given that he was one of the Michigan Republicans invited to the White House shortly after the 2020 presidential election in what the AP described as an “extraordinary” meeting with the president, likely on the topic of overturning the 2020 election results, though details weren’t confirmed.

Michigan, at the time, was one of the hotly-contested swing states that became a target for Trump, his allies, and his legal surrogates in their attempts to prove that widespread voter fraud had taken place.

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