Former McCain aide says he wanted a Hispanic female to replace him

A former McCain aide offered some insight on who McCain would have wanted to succeed him in office.

Rick Davis, who was McCain’s campaign manager, thinks McCain would have wanted a “Hispanic woman” to take his place in office.

More Progressive than Conservative

Most hardcore conservatives have long been at odds with Senator McCain’s politics.

Immigration is generally at the core of those battles.

In recent years, McCain has softened on immigration.

He was a DACA supporter and openly supported looser immigration laws for our borders.

As such, he was a vocal opponent of Trump as well as the zero-tolerance policy of the administration.

Not His Choice

The funny thing is, though, it is not up to McCain or anyone else other than the actual voters as to who eventually wins the seat.

Based on how angry conservative Arizona residents were at McCain’s lax views on immigration, it is a pretty safe bet the person that runs will be more in line with Trump’s agenda.


Now that McCain has passed, the governor will have to appoint someone to fill McCain’s seat until the next election takes place.

Cindy McCain, the Senator’s widow, is already a name being thrown around by pundits.

When Davis was asked about that, he did not exactly dismiss the idea.

Instead, he chose to dodge the question, stating, “I’m not going to address that at all.”

Since McCain did not step down from the seat before May 30, the seat will not be part of the upcoming elections.

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With there being nothing in the state’s constitution to call for a special election, it is unlikely we will see one take place.

However, Senator Jeff Flake’s seat is up, so this will give the GOP a better gauge of the temperature in the state for putting a candidate forth that voters will get behind as well as someone that will support Trump’s agenda.

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