Former MA District Attorney Rachael Rollins resigns amid multiple scandals

June 1, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

President Joe Biden spent critical political capital to boost Rachael Rollins to become the U.S. attorney in Massachusetts.

But as Byron York pointed out for the Washington Examiner, it was a terrible move to promote such a radical, progressive prosecutor.

Rollins was notable for her extremely soft-on-crime approach to prosecution, even publishing a list of offenses that would land someone in big legal trouble at one point in America.

Rollins was not shy about her record of refusing to prosecute certain crimes.

Sickening career

The former U.S. Attorney resigned last month after a report was published that explained how she illegally influenced an election for Boston’s district attorney.

The report was published by the Justice Department's internal watchdog outfit.

York noted:

Rollins wanted to influence the election for who would succeed her as district attorney in Suffolk County. The Democratic primary for the job — the winner would run unopposed in the general election — featured two candidates, Ricardo Arroyo and Rollins's interim successor, Kevin Hayden. Rollins supported Arroyo. According to the inspector general report, Rollins tried to smear Hayden, first by leaking false information about him to the press and then by leaking secret Justice Department documents.

However, Rollins was found to have taken part in plenty of other shady activities, which ultimately led to her resignation.

The Associated Press noted:

The inspector general’s 161-page report alleges a broad array of misconduct by Rollins, who was praised by progressives for her approach to law enforcement when she was sworn into office in January 2022 after serving as district attorney for Suffolk County, which includes Boston.

A number of Republicans, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, warned Democrats at the time of her nomination that it would be a vote that they "regret."

Social media reacts

News of Rollins' ouster was widely celebrated by social media users, many of whom pointed out that it's because of prosecutors such as herself that America's streets are more violent and dangerous than ever.

"Resigning is not enough... these traitors must be made examples of," one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added: "Every single DA Soros funds is corrupt to the core."

The Biden administration can't afford to appoint more people like Rollins when it backfires on them so badly on a regular basis now.

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