Former LGBT activist renounces her job 'grooming' children

July 13, 2023
World Net Daily

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Kay Yang, a former pro-transgender activist who now works to "deprogram" youth caught up in gender ideology, expressed regret and remorse for her role as a "groomer" of children into the "trans" lifestyle more than a decade ago.

Reflecting on her time as an "outreach and education" specialist at a New York LGBT non-profit in 2011, Yang said, "I started to realize that what I had been doing at my job at the LGBT Center, it was grooming."

Yang is gaining world attention as one of the boldest counter-activists against the transgender agenda, even venturing fearlessly into throngs attending "pride" celebrations to advance her message: "Stop Female Erasure." She was recently assaulted at New York City "Pride" in late June. As the Daily Mail reported on June 26, "Yang was holding a sign that read 'Defend Female Sex Based Rights' when she had her placard ripped violently out of her hands as she was hit in the head with a cup of water on Sunday [June 25]."

Her video interview with Fox News Digital is only the latest of several major media interviews that have enabled the articulate Yang to share her story. Most media providing Yang a platform are conservative because supporting transgender "rights" (and the entire LGBT agenda) has become something like a religious crusade on the left. President Biden's radical pro-trans activism recently included flying a trans-inclusive LGBT "pride" flag prominently at the White House during a celebration of "pride month" on the White House lawn – where one "trans woman" bared his artificial breasts and a "trans man" bared her flat chest with post-mastectomy scars visible.

"I'm really concerned that our children are being told complete untruths about themselves and their bodies and the world around them, and that's setting them up for danger, and it's setting them up to internalize feelings of shame against their own body just for being a male or being a female," Yang told Fox News Tuesday, as reported by LifeSiteNews. "What have I contributed to? I actually felt devastated. It was very difficult to process and deal with. I had to really face myself and what I had done."

"I had no idea that what I was doing at the time – I was being used as a Trojan Horse for this huge marketing campaign [for the transgender agenda] that I didn't know was going on, that was normalizing these policies and these practices that are pushing these irreversible medical damages on healthy children – you know, these double mastectomies and so-called genital reconstruction surgeries," Yang told Fox News. "These are being done on children, and now the sex-based rights of women and girls are also being undermined."

Fox News reports that "In retrospect, Yang feels her passion for achieving [homosexual] equality was 'exploited' with what she believes is an additional regressive agenda eroding women's sex-based rights."

"I feel like I was exploited, and I feel like I was taken advantage of. I feel like my good intentions, my youthfulness, the position that I had in my home community, all of that was utilized to push [gender] ideology on my local community," she told Fox. "I came to realize what we were doing … years after the fact. I looked back and [thought], 'Oh my God, what have I done?'"

Earlier this year, Yang told Glenn Beck: "Really there's no such thing as a trans child and this becomes really obvious when you look back only one decade to a time when no one had heard of a trans child. It's corporate fiction, it's propaganda. No child is born in the wrong body. No person, whether an adult or a child, can change their sex."

Yang joins the ranks of pro-gay activists who have broken with the transgender movement, viewing it as too extreme. Ironically, celebrating de facto gender confusion can be traced to the beginnings of modern "gay" activism in America: people like Marsha P. Johnson, a drag queen and street prostitute, playing a major role in the 1969 "Stonewall rebellion" – an anti-cop riot at a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village that is said to have launched the gay revolution.

Fox News uses the LGBT activist term "marriage equality" for homosexual "marriage" to report on Yang's past: "Since her years in high school, Yang said she was a dedicated activist for marriage equality. In 2015, a Supreme Court ruling established same-sex marriage throughout the United States and its territories."

Meanwhile, the trans movement continues to infuriate everyday Americans with biological male athletes identifying as "trans women" dominating major competitions once reserved for real women:

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