Former Democrat lawmaker involved in alleged bribe

Jerry Lundergan, a former Kentucky state representative, is in big trouble for conveniently letting the loose change slip out of his pants and into the couch cushions of a political consultant.

Well, it was a little more than loose change. It was discovered after an investigation and subsequent indictment that Lundergan allegedly left behind a check for $25,000 and $20,000 in cash for what appears to be an illegal campaign donation.

Helping His Daughter

As a former state representative, Lundergan knows what individual limitations are for political contributions. He also knows an individual cannot pick up the tab for bills for a candidate, even if that candidate is his own daughter.

Lundergan showed up at political consultant Jonathan Hurst’s home for the alleged purpose of paying a big debt for this daughter’s campaign.

Alison Lundergan Grimes ran against Sen. Mitch McConnell and, obviously, failed. Lundergan allegedly discussed Hurst doing campaign mailings for his daughter’s campaign and left the check and the cash behind to pay for the work.

He tried to cover up the purpose of the check by writing “Boy Scouts” in the memo line. Hurst maintains he told Lundergan the only way he could accept payment for the work was if that payment came directly from Grimes’ campaign.

He also stated he did not cash the check or spend any of the money left behind. His testimony made it rather clear that Lundergan was trying to implicate Hurst in a clear campaign finance violation.

FBI Investigation

The money and check were found at Hurst’s home during the course of an investigation into Lundergan and another political consultant, Dale Emmons.

The two had been indicted by a grand jury for, among other things, giving banned corporate donations to a campaign — Lundergan’s daughter’s campaign.

This is far from Lundergan’s first bout with bending the rules to suit his own purposes.

The longtime Democrat was reportedly very involved in Bill Clinton’s presidential run as well as having lofty political aspirations of his own.

However, his personal plans for greatness were cut short after he got hit with a felony conviction involving a no-bid state contract in 1989.

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