Former LAPD Detective Launches Epstein MURDER Investigation

This Jeffrey Epstein scandal is far from over. Investigators still aren’t certain how Epstein managed to die in prison – and until that question is answered, more investigations will probably be launched to discover the truth.

Ever since Epstein was found DEAD in his jail cell on August 10th of this year, reports have been circulating that it may have been a homicide. These rumors are undoubtedly one of the reasons that Former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman is launching his own investigation into Epstein’s possible murder for himself.

Today, the former LAPD detective revealed in an interview with Fox News that he’s really concerned about whether it was possible that Epstein was murdered, which is why he’ll be investigating the death himself:

“Jeffrey Epstein is one of these cases where people know about them whether they’re infamous or famous – and immediately conspiracies start formulating before people look at the facts. And this has really snowballed into somewhat of a monster that there is a conspiracy to kill Jeffrey Epstein. So whether people wanted him dead or alive is really irrelevant. The possibility that it could happen is what you really look at…”

I think Mark Fuhrman’s comments are pretty revealing. The fact that this guy is still considering that Epstein may have been murdered is proof that it’s very possible he actually was.

Especially considering that Fuhrman has been so cautious about calling Epstein’s death a homicide since the very beginning. This guy doesn’t jump to conclusions without cold, hard facts.

Just 2 weeks ago, Fuhrman was telling the media that he refused to take any conspiracies about Epstein’s death seriously until he saw the details regarding Epstein’s death.

Fuhrman even said:

“I think everyone should pause until we know the cause and manner of death, [and] the toxicology, the autopsy is complete…”

Apparently, Fuhrman isn’t satisfied with what has been learned about Epstein’s death so far. Because even after all that has been learned about Epstein’s death, he’s decided to launch his own investigation.

Personally, I think this is great news. Investigators shouldn’t take any chances regarding the Epstein issue. It’s no secret that Epstein put a lot of famous, powerful people in danger. And if it’s discovered that foul play was involved, the world deserves to know.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this. And Mark Fuhrman seems like just the right guy to do it.

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