Former Justice Department official drops Clinton indictment bombshell

Former Department of Justice Chief of Staff Kash Patel dropped a bomb on Monday, and explained that Democrats have a real reason to panic.

During Monday’s showing of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Patel said that the recent Durham report is setting the stage for a “very well laid-out conspiracy charge.” Years later, the truth is seemingly coming out that the Clinton campaign worked with the FBI to try and take down former President Donald Trump.

Patel said, “[Michael] Sussman is the centerpiece for these allegations because he ties the Hillary Clinton campaign to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele to the Department of Justice and the false information they fed to the FBI and DOJ to spy on the presidential campaign.”

Clinton is guilty

The findings of the Durham report seem to not only potentially incriminate former Secretary of STate Hillary Clinton but the entirety of the FBI as well.

The FBI working with a political campaign to take down a rival campaign would prove what Donald Trump has literally claimed for years.

Patel continued, saying, “It’s exactly the heart of the matter being a former federal prosecutor. It’s a 27-page indictment for a lying count that you normally have about five pages to discuss. It is a very well laid-out conspiracy charge that outlines other figures involved that I just mentioned.”

While it has yet to be confirmed, this indictment could go all the way to the top, taking down figures like Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James Comey in the process, if Patel’s

Democrats tried to cover up the collusion between Clinton and the FBI by going after Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

That effort was a stunning success, until now. This report could set off a chain of events that end with Hillary Clinton in a prison cell, at least that’s what many on the right are hoping.

This changes everything

Many Americans have forgotten the gritty details around the events of the 2016 presidential election.

What has now become clear is that there was likely unimaginable corruption, and until now, the guilty parties have gotten away with it.

Clinton and her Democrat pals have a real reason to panic. Unless the Biden DOJ does something quickly, there at least exists a chance that high-profile heads could soon begin to roll.

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