Former intel agent offers solution to politicized federal bureaucrats: Fire ’em

A former intel agent for the United States in an interview has offered a solution to the problem that has developed with politicized federal agents running organizations like the CIA or the FBI.

It was the FBI that worked hand-in-glove with Democrats during 2016 to create the now-debunked Russiagate collusion conspiracy theory, and used it against then-candidate and later President Donald Trump.

More recently, the Department of Justice has utilized a double standard that earlier gave Hillary Clinton a pass on her handling of government secrets to stage an armed raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to hunt for federal paperwork – even though he confirmed he already had declassified the documents he had.

A recent poll showed just about as many Americans now distrust the FBI as those who trust it.

Now in an interview with Breitbart News Daily, former CIA officer, and station chief Scott Uehlinger said there’s one way to cleanse agencies of political and partisan corruption.

That would be to give the president the power to fire any one of those workers who exhibit those partisan preferences in nefarious ways.

“It’s a real cause of concern, not just among regular folks, but [among] people who served in these agencies,” Uehlinger explained.

He said the problem already is bad.

“The infection in these organizations is not just the political appointees. It’s everyone from mid-grade-level and up, if not lower because they’re all the recipients of a super-liberal education,” he explained. “They just graduated from college with this bizarre worldview, for the most part. Unfortunately, I kind of agree with the idea of breaking them up because I don’t see how they can be reformed in any kind of a meaningful way unless the president has the power to fire every federal employee at will.”

Former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam was serving as guest host, and noted, “I think conservatives should flood all the agencies, and I think that they should do the same thing with politics. I don’t care if they run as a Democrat or a Republican. We should be getting conservatives in everywhere, as much as possible.”

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