Former Hunter Biden associate sues Democrat for defamation

 April 26, 2024

Former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski is suing one of Joe Biden's most aggressive congressional bulldogs for defamation.

Bobulinski is a key witness in the House Republicans' impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Democrat Jamie Raskin (Md.) has used his platform to label Bobulinski a criminal, a spy, and a Trump campaign operative.

"Defendant lied solely to serve his political agenda by deliberately besmirching the character of Mr. Bobulinski and to protect Joseph Biden,'" the lawsuit says.

Raskin slammed for defamation

The $20 million lawsuit from Bobulinski says Raskin "repeatedly lied" about Bobulinski in order to protect Joe Biden from scrutiny. Raskin has ignored requests to take down "unequivocally false and defamatory" social media posts.

"Mr. Bobulinski seeks to hold Defendant accountable for his malicious and knowing lies," the lawsuit states.

Raskin insinuated that Bobulinski is a criminal or a foreign spy during an interview with MSNBC, days after Bobulinski testified to Congress at a public hearing in March.

Raskin mocked the impeachment effort as a failure and claimed the witnesses "always turn out to be a Chinese spy, a Russian spy, and none of them has laid a glove on Joe Biden because he hasn’t done anything wrong . . . . The only crimes we’ve identified are by their own witnesses.”

Raskin shared a clip of the cable news interview on X, "republishing his false statements to an entirely new audience," Bobulinski's lawyers said.

Bobulinski responds to "pawn" allegations

Bobulinski also pointed to social media posts on X that Raskin reposted from the House Oversight Democrats account.

The posts described Bobulinski as “a bitterly frustrated would-be business partner who collaborated with the Trump campaign" and “Donald Trump’s political pawn."

Bobulinski gained notoriety weeks before the 2020 election when he publicly identified Joe Biden as the "big guy" mentioned in a notorious e-mail exchange found on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Democrats have portrayed Bobulinski as a disgruntled witness with an axe to grind, noting he was dropped from a business venture with Hunter Biden and Chinese energy company CEFC.

In his lawsuit, Bobulinski said he is a "successful businessman" and "patriotic American" with no ties to the Trump campaign.

“Mr. Bobulinski is not affiliated with the Trump campaign in any way,” the lawsuit said.

“He has never lied to Congress, or anyone else, from the inception of when he first started speaking publicly in 2020 about Biden Family improprieties with the Chinese Communist Party and affiliated organizations."

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