Former Hillary Clinton donor and venture capitalist Sean Maguire donates $300K to Trump following verdict

 June 1, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict made him many new allies, and some of them have the means to be quite generous with their money.

That was the case with venture capitalist and former Hillary Clinton donor Sean Maguire, who stunned the industry and social media by announcing a staggering donation to Trump's campaign following the verdict last week.

Maguire announced the bombshell news in an article written on his X account, saying he had just donated a staggering $300,000 to the Trump campaign as a result of the former president being found guilty on 34 counts.

The lengthy article he penned laid out a timeline of his political views and how they had radically changed from 2016 until current times.

What'd he say?

To say Maguire held nothing back in his detailed layout of his political viewpoints would be an understatement.

Jumping to near the end of the article, Maguire offered his full-throated support for Trump in the wake of the verdict, which he, like many others, believes was politically driven.

"There's a real chance President Trump is convicted of felony charges and sentenced to prison. Bluntly, that's part of why I'm supporting him. I believe our justice system is being weaponized against him," Maguire wrote, adding that he wishes Trump all the best.

DailyFetched noted:

He also added that he had “spent hundreds of hours following the trials and researching the charges against Trump,” concluding they were all politicized, underhanded forms of “lawfare” designed to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

“If these are the worst things they can find, then he did less wrong then I otherwise would have assumed,” wrote Maguire.

Maguire is one of many former Never-Trumpers or otherwise Trump critics who openly voiced their support -- and in many cases, their money -- to support the former president.

Social media reacts

Not surprisingly, Maguire's long article stunned many across social media, especially given his prior support for Clinton.

One X user wrote, "you sir deserve a medal or at least praise for standing up for what's in this countries best interest."

"Great summation in your article. Thank you for having common sense and courage to face attacks from the leftist fascist who will likely blackball you," another X user wrote.

Only time will tell who else comes out for Trump.

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