Former GOP Rep: ‘I personally think Kevin McCarthy’s done’

According to Mediaite, former U.S. Rep. David Jolly is not only predicting that U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will not become House speaker but he is also predicting that McCarthy might actually resign. 

Jolly, a former Republican who is now a contributor for MSNBC, made the prediction on Tuesday, during an appearance on Deadline: White House. 

“Kevin McCarthy’s done”

Jolly began by explaining the essential problem that, in his opinion, people have with McCarthy, namely, that “nobody trusts” him.

Jolly said:

Kevin McCarthy can’t be trusted because he will say one thing to one person and another to another. Understand what’s in the balance here. There are chairmanships, where he’s promised multiple things to multiple people and he can’t be trusted.

After further developing this point, Jolly expressed his opinion on what the future holds for McCarthy.

“I personally think Kevin McCarthy’s done,” Jolly said. “I don’t think there’s a pathway for Kevin McCarthy here. He might have one last shot behind closed doors, but I think his run of the Speakership is probably done.”

“And, I would be surprised, Nicole, if Kevin McCarthy is in the House of Representatives a year from now. I think he resigns,” Jolly concluded.

The latest

A lot has happened since Jolly’s prediction, but one thing that hasn’t happened is McCarthy’s resignation.

At the time of this writing, six votes had been held in the U.S. House to determine the next speaker, and, each time, McCarthy failed to garner the necessary 218 votes. The closest McCarthy has come is 203, which actually occurred on Tuesday.

The House adjourned on Wednesday night with 20 House Republicans continuing to block McCarthy’s path to the speakership.

These 20 Republicans are looking for concessions from McCarthy on a number of issues. And, it appears that McCarthy, desperate to secure the speakership, is becoming more and more willing to make these concessions.

Fox News reports:

A GOP aide confirmed to Fox News that McCarthy is considering giving more power to [House Freedom Caucus] members as he tries to gain the 218 votes needed to be elected to the position. The ideas being discussed include adding more HFC members to top committees, more representation on the steering committee, and commitments for votes on major bill items the HFC wants votes on. The GOP aide also said there is movement on a motion to vacate the chair, and that moving to a one-member threshold is becoming “less of an issue” from McCarthy’s end.

What now?

The House is expected to reconvene on Thursday at noon. It is then expected to hold its seventh vote to determine the next House speaker.

It appears clear at this point that McCarthy will not get the support he needs until he makes serious concessions. So, it is all going to come down to whether or not he will make those concessions.

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