Former GOP Rep. Collins confirms he will not run for office in upcoming election cycle

Former U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) was reportedly eyeing up a possible Senate or gubernatorial bid, but a recent announcement dashed such hopes among his supporters.

Collins, known as a close ally to former President Donald Trump, revealed in a tweet on Monday that he has no plans to run for any elected office in the state — at least for now.

“This is goodbye for now”

His message did hint, however, that he is not bowing out of the political realm altogether.

In the brief message to his followers, he announced that he “will not be a candidate for any office in the next election cycle,” attaching a longer statement that went into more detail about his decision.

“For those who may wonder, this is goodbye for now, but probably not forever,” he wrote, indicating that he plans to remain “involved in shaping our conservative message to help Republicans win back the House and Senate and help more strong conservative candidate get elected her in Georgia.”

Collins went on to highlight some of his own accomplishments as a congressman, including the First Step Act, which he touted as a “historic” advancement in criminal justice reform.

Prior to his announcement, Collins had been widely expected to mount a campaign ahead of next year’s midterm elections to oust Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), which could have gone a long way in helping the GOP regain control in the upper chamber.

Other possible contenders

As it stands, the former ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee retains significant political clout within his party and state, particularly given his relationship with Trump.

Now, Republicans will have to pick another candidate they believe can compete against Warnock as a handful of lesser-known candidates vie for attention.

For his part, Trump has mentioned that he believes former NFL star Herschel Walker should enter the race, though Walker has not confirmed whether he is seriously considering it.

Collins is the second big-name Georgia Republican to announce he will not be a contender in any upcoming race following a similar statement from former Sen. David Perdue.

Although he is not planning his own campaign, Collins appears committed to doing what he can behind the scenes — and his party can use all the high-profile help it can get ahead of what are sure to be hard-fought political campaigns.

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