Former Fox News reporter hospitalized after car accident

Rick Leventhal, the former Fox News reporter, was involved in a serious car accident this past week. 

The news was revealed by Leventhal’s wife, Kelly Dodd, the Real Housewives of Orange County, on her Instagram page.

“There will be no smash tomorrow on @youtube the rick and kelly show,” Dodd wrote on Thursday. “My husband got in a horrible car accident. He is in the ER. Please say prayers for @rickleventhal.”

Dodd, in her Instagram post, included a photograph from the accident. It shows the crashed vehicle.

“Lucky to be alive”

Leventhal was taken to the hospital. But, he was well enough to reply to his wife’s Instagram post.

“Honestly I’m lucky to be alive,” he wrote. “Scariest moments of my life. This makes everything even more meaningful.”

Leventhal, that same day, posted an update to his own Instagram page. There, he wrote:

So lucky to be alive & grateful for the well wishes & care I’m getting. 4 broken ribs, fractured bone right foot, wounded pride. So far that’s it.

What caused the crash?

Leventhal, in his Instagram post, also included a video of him in his hospital bed explaining what had happened.

“I hydroplaned heading east on 410, about 40 minutes outside of Palm Desert, [California] just straight away hit what felt like a patch of ice. It was just water or whatever,” he said.

Leventhal continued:

Roads were slick, lost control, slammed into the wall hard. Started spitting around across lanes of traffic and slammed right into the back of a tractor trailer, ripped the front end of a Mercedes off and smashed a windshield.

Leventhal went on to say that the vehicle’s airbags deployed and that he thinks that this is what broke his ribs. Leventhal, in the video, also said that he was feeling “fine,” but that the doctors want to keep him in the hospital “for a little bit.”

He’s been released

Leventhal has since been released from the hospital. He and his wife have posted several updates on their respective Instagram accounts.

In one update, Leventhal writes:

Just visited the auto graveyard to retrieve the rest of our stuff from the totaled Mercedes. The guy there told me if I was in a less well-built vehicle the roof would’ve sheared right off. Thanks to all of you who’ve sent well wishes, prayers & encouragement. Really means a lot.

It appears that Leventhal is going to make a full recovery.

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