Former FBI agent says DOJ pushed Mar-A-Lago raid

Former FBI special agent Maureen O’Connell said on Fox News Special Report on Thursday that it was the Biden Department of Justice that pushed the FBI over several weeks to raid former President Donald Trump’s personal residence at Mar-A-Lago in what Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and other Republicans are calling a “fishing expedition.”

“It seems to me the DOJ is the heavy in this situation,” she said. “That they were trying to push the [FBI] to do this warrant. They were trying to push the Bureau to really, really hit this situation hard.”

Her reasoning is based on her contention that the FBI would be the loser if the raid went bad or was shown to be frivolous–as seems to be happening given the outrage and backlash over the action.

“My guess would be that the Bureau was the one going against the DOJ in this particular situation, because when you consider which entity has more to lose — the FBI clearly has much more to lose from this situation,” she added.

“Dark point in American history”

Former chairman of the California Republican Party Tom Del Baccaro called the raid “a dark and seminal point in American history” in a Fox News op-ed published earlier this week.

“There can be no undoing of that act.  Sadly, the world has seen America, once the land of the free, descend into a new realm with the DOJ and FBI attempting to decide who can be president of our country — not unlike so many military coups throughout history,” he added.

Del Beccaro said that the recent history of the FBI shows that it has involved itself in politics, deciding to ignore Hillary Clinton’s obvious indiscretions with her private server and mishandling of classified documents in 2016 while bringing the hammer down on Trump for the same thing in a blatant attempt to find a reason to keep him from running for president again in 2024.

“Hillary even destroyed, via BleachBit, potential evidence arguably under subpoena. She alone decided whether data she had on her computer was subject to the subpoena. Even after that evidence was destroyed, there still was no raid on her home,” he argued.

Blatant bias

What the FBI and DOJ are doing, Del Becarro argued, amounts to the same action as a military coup.

He also said the raid confirmed that we have a “two-tier justice system” depending on someone’s political affiliation.

“Democrats can lie to federal authorities (Andrew McCabe) and sue the government for benefits and get them. Republicans get jailed. FBI officials can take federal government property/documents home (James Comey, Sandy Berger, and the Clintons) and nothing happens to them. Republicans cannot do the same – not to mention that Hunter Biden’s crimes are labeled disinformation,” he said.

We might have come to expect this kind of bias and unfairness from our mainstream media over the last few decades, but to see government agencies acting with the same kind of blatant and obvious bias is outrageous to many Americans and seems to be motivating voters to take action. FBI and DOJ officials are not elected, but there is one candidate (Trump) who will be acting to clear the swamp if elected.

Unless the swamp succeeds in denying him the right to do so.

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