Former DNI Warns Americans: DOJ is ‘Not Playing it Straight’

Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence is warning the American people that the Department of Justice, under Joe Biden, is “not playing it straight” with the nation regarding the FBI’s search of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Federal agents claim they found documents with national secrets there: Trump confirmed he had declassified those.

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PJMedia reported on the interview and noted that Ratcliffe also said he doesn’t think the FBI found what it was looking for.

There have been some pretty wild accusations made in connection with the raid on Trump’s home, and one of the charges has been that the FBI was looking for documentation that would tie its agents to the now-debunked 2016 “Russiagate” collusion conspiracy theory.

That was the scheme created by Democrats that falsely claimed Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia. The FBI and the DOJ were integral to its years of harassment of campaign officials – and were a constant drag on Trump’s presidency.

Ratcliffe discussed the search with guest host Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Jesse Watters Primetime program. Trump has requested a special master to review what the FBI confiscated because the agency took only his private papers including his passport, but the material covered by attorney-client privilege, which it would not be qualified to have.

“The judge would appoint the special master, and it would be an extension of the court. I do think that it’s the right thing to do. The DOJ’s position is number one, we don’t need a special master…we’ve already sorted everything and looked at everything. Take our word for it that it was done. As you pointed out, they had the attorney-client privilege in there, so the taint team that was looking at this didn’t do their job,” Ratcliffe said.

He continued, “And, you know, all of this, listen, you presided over a lot of cases. I was a former federal prosecutor, and United States attorney. Let me tell you what this is about. Good prosecutors with good cases play it straight. They don’t need to play games, they don’t need to shop for judges, and they don’t need to leak intelligence that may or may not exist. And in this case, this tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for.

“There weren’t nuclear secrets in Melania Trump’s underwear drawer, and they’re trying to justify what they’ve done. They’re not playing it straight before the American people. I think that that’s going to play out.”


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