Former DNI director Grenell targets Obama’s ‘third term crew’ in CPAC speech

Richard Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, just torched the Biden administration, whom he referred to as former President Barack Obama’s “third-term crew,” over its mishandling of foreign policy, Breitbart News reports

Grenell did so during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was held in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend.

There he decried the “total collapse of diplomacy” that has taken place under President Joe Biden’s leadership, as evidenced by Russia’s brutal and shocking invasion of Ukraine.

“This week we’ve witnessed a total collapse of diplomacy,” Grenell said. “D.C. newsrooms won’t say it, but American diplomats failed. President Biden told us that he was going to bring diplomacy back. Instead, it’s on its back.”

Trump vs. Biden

Grenell went on to vividly demonstrate the change that has occurred since Biden took office. He did so by contrasting how former President Donald Trump handled Afghanistan with how Biden handled his Afghanistan debacle last year.

“Last summer we watched helplessly as our credibility, our deterrence, and our national honor crumbled in the retreat from Afghanistan,” Grenell said. “President Trump and Biden both were dealing with the same country, the same enemy, and had the same diplomatic and military tools at hand. Both shared the ultimate goal of withdrawal.”

“But, the difference is that President Trump had an unapologetic pro-American diplomacy with a credible military option behind him,” Grenell continued. “It’s clear that the Taliban respected and feared President Trump.”

Many commentators, in fact, have argued that it is Biden’s failure in Afghanistan last summer that emboldened Russia to launch a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

“Is American diplomacy working?”

Grenell argued that Biden’s diplomacy is not working, as demonstrated by both what happened with Afghanistan and what is now happening in Ukraine. Accordingly, Grenell called for a return to the kind of diplomacy that America experienced under Trump.

“We desperately need new, creative, visionary diplomacy, masculine diplomacy to secure meaningful peace when a conflict arises,” Grenell said.

“Let’s be clear,” Grenell added. “Europe has seen its borders rewritten this week under Joe Biden and in 2014 when Barack Obama was president. And yet the left continues to mock successful America first diplomatic strategy.”

“Well, I saw firsthand that having a president putting the American people first, and calling out the Germans for their hypocrisy, and not telling our enemies what our strategy is, that made America and Europe safer,” Grenell said.

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