Former Dem. Party chairman predicts that Biden will not run for reelection in 2024

Scott Bolden, the former Washington, D.C., Democratic Party Chairman, is predicting that President Joe Biden will not be on the Democrats’ presidential ticket in 2024, the Daily Caller reports

Bolden made the claim on Friday during an appearance on Fox Business.

“I don’t see Joe Biden running, especially if those, those poll numbers don’t change, or even Democrats and black voters not wanting him to run, but more importantly, even Democrats being dissatisfied with his performance, whether it’s perception, or whether it’s reality,” Bolden said.

He added, “my mother used to say perception is reality and rumor is the precursor to the truth. So, we will figure that out on political terms, and Biden’s got some challenges heading into 2024.

What the polls are saying:

The short answer is nothing good about President Joe Biden and his administration.

Biden’s average approval rating, according to Real Clear Politics, currently sits at only 37.2%, which means that the president is underwater by almost 20 percentage points. And, a new poll from Quinnipiac scored Biden’s approval at only 31%, which is a new low.

The reasons are manifold from the economy to foreign policy. But, the most surprising thing is that Biden appears to be losing the support of Democrats.

That Quinnipiac University poll found that 71% of Americans do not want to see Biden seek re-election in 2024, including 54% of Democrats.


All of this poor polling follows recent reports, from the New York Times and others, in which concerns were raised by Democratic insiders about the future of the Democratic Party with Biden at the helm.

In one of these reports, the Times wrote: “many Democratic lawmakers and party officials are venting their frustrations with President Biden’s struggle to advance the bulk of his agenda, doubting his ability to rescue the party from a predicted midterm trouncing and increasingly viewing him as an anchor that should be cut loose in 2024.”

On top of this, concerns have been raised about Biden’s ability to continue leading the party given his old age and his frequent mental slip-ups.

Biden and his White House, despite all of this, insist that Biden will run for reelection in 2024. If all of this reporting is correct, though, Biden might not have that many Democrats behind him.

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