Former CNN anchor is arrested following hit-and-run

The local CBS outlet 2KUTV reports that former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor has been arrested.

The arrest follows a hit-and-run crash that Taylor was recently involved in.

What happened?

The incident took place on July 28 in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the police report, Taylor, who was driving in a white Mercedes, crashed into a black Ford automobile that was stopped at a traffic light.

The police report next states that, shortly after the crash, Taylor was witnessed fleeing the scene “without rendering aid or stopping to provide information.”

Taylor’s mistake(s)

If you’ve watched a lot of crime shows, then you probably know that a common mistake that a suspect makes is returning to the scene of the crime. This is exactly was Taylor did.

Taylor was witnessed driving by the area where the crash occurred several times – with her damaged Mercedes. And, it was on one of these drive-bys that a police officer noticed the damage to her car and stopped her.

Perhaps even more problematic for Taylor, though, is the conversation that she had with the officer who stopped her. The police report states that “Taylor continued to state that she wanted to go back to her house . . . and the accident was ‘not a big deal.'” Taylor also is reported to have asked for proof that the driver of the Jeep was injured. And, she said that “it’s hard to be a good person.”

Police did find a bottle of wine in Taylor’s vehicle as well as a thermos with an alcoholic beverage in it. But, the officer who stopped her did not smell alcohol on her.

Arrested and charged

Taylor was arrested and charged with careless driving as well as with leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury. The driver of the Ford, a 24-year-old male, is said to have suffered injuries to his neck, jaw, and back.

Taylor posted her $3,000 bail, and she pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

Breitbart News reports:

This is not the first time the former CNN anchor has had vehicular legal troubles, as she was previously arrested in 2015 for drunk driving in the Hamptons . . . Taylor was caught with a blood-alcohol level three times over the limit after she side-swiped another vehicle.

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