Former Border Patrol Chief Ortiz reveals he 'never once met with' President Biden or VP Harris during two-year tenure

 March 1, 2024

On Thursday, President Joe Biden paid a visit to the nation's southern border near Brownsville, Texas, that was almost certainly hastily planned in reaction to former President Donald Trump's planned visit to a separate, more consequential section of the U.S. border with Mexico in a different part of Texas.

Biden's border visit was described as "long overdue" by former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who further revealed that he "never once met with" either the president or Vice President Kamala Harris during the two years he served in that leadership position from 2021 to 2023, Breitbart reported.

Meanwhile, the union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents also made it unmistakably clear on Thursday which of the two presidents, Biden and Trump, they preferred working under and felt best supported them and their mission to secure the nation's borders.

"I never once met with the President or the Vice President"

Former Border Patrol Chief Ortiz, who led the entire agency from August 2021 until his resignation in June 2023, spent more than 30 years serving as a Border Patrol agent and previously led the Del Rio Sector of the border while former President Trump was in office.

In an interview Thursday with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, asked about the importance of Biden's belated border visit in the Brownsville area, said, "Well, certainly, I think it’s important that the President meet with Border Patrol officials to find out exactly what needs to be done to remedy the crisis that’s ongoing."

"And it’s not just in South Texas or West Texas. It’s happening in Tucson, San Diego, El Paso. Those are the three busiest areas along the southwest border right now," he continued. "And the only way you’re going to actually hear firsthand is by talking to those Border Patrol officials, by meeting with the chief of the Border Patrol."

"I’ve made it perfectly clear, when I was the Chief, I never once met with the President or the Vice President," Ortiz added. "And I think it’s long overdue that they sit down and roll up their sleeves and start coming up with some solutions."

Border Patrol Union makes their stance on the situation clear

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Border Patrol union, formally known as the National Border Patrol Council, was active on its X social media account and left no doubt as to which of the two presidents making dueling border visits that same day its members preferred to work under.

In one post, the NBPC said, "Attention President Biden: Keep our name out of your mouth today."

Later, in response to critics who defended Biden, the union wrote in another post, "President Trump treats BP agents with respect, supports their mission and listens to their ideas. Biden falsely accuses agents of crimes, burned the border to the ground and only listens to his radical leftist base. See the difference?"

Border Patrol Union president compares presidents disfavorably

One day earlier, NBPC President Brandon Judd published an op-ed for Fox News that was titled, "Biden got suckered into border battle he can’t win," and outlined how the dueling border visits would only serve to highlight the great disparity in how the border was handled by the former president in comparison to the incumbent.

Of particular note was how Biden was headed to Brownsville, a rather quiet area that has been under control for several years due to Trump's actions while in office, while Trump was headed to the current hotspot of Eagle Pass, where Texas officials under Gov. Greg Abbott were recently compelled to seize control to try and stem the flood of illegal migrants being allowed in under Biden's open borders policies.

"Trump, and America, will see how walls of razor wire and shipping containers have made entering Shelby Park nearly impossible. He’ll be able to evaluate how the use of his policies while he was in office has helped Abbott. And he’ll be able to use the visit to expand upon his already successful policies when he’s re-elected," Judd wrote. "He’ll listen to ideas from opposing viewpoints, something I’ve seen him do many times in the past to come to the best decision. He’ll end his visit by explaining to the American people what he will do to protect them when back in office. Biden will end his visit by blaming everyone else, including Trump, for his miserable failings."

"But the men and women who are most cognizant of Biden’s failings are U.S. Border Patrol agents. Agents will scoff at Biden’s audacity in visiting the disaster zone he created to score cheap political points at a stage of the game you can only characterize as 'garbage time,'" he added. "The agents who have worked under both Trump and Biden have experienced first-hand the competent, caring leadership of Trump and the deadly, disastrous 'leadership' of Joe Biden."

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