Former Baltimore mayor indicted on federal charges: Report

In the midst of Democrats trying to prove Donald Trump is corrupt, another member of their fold is being outed as the real criminal.

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is now facing federal charges regarding her self-published children’s books, Fox News reports.

Big problems for Democrats

Pugh was a controversial mayor from the outset, and this scandal is not going to help the case of a city that seems to be about as corrupt as Ukraine.

The former mayor resigned in May due to the controversy surrounding her “Healthy Holly” children’s book series. According to her indictment, Pugh has been charged with seven counts of wire fraud and two counts of tax evasion, as well as conspiracy to defraud the United States and wire fraud.

Prosecutors in the case are claiming that Pugh used funds from the book sales to contribute to her political campaign and political interests, as well as funding her lifestyle.

Reports have also stated that Pugh underestimated her 2016 income by almost $300,000.

Major corruption problems

The reason that the book deal is so troublesome is because of the vow Pugh made for complete transparency — as well as the corrupt nature in which the book deal was secured.

Pugh never disclosed the book deal on her General Assembly ethics forms. The book deal also appears to have been a rigged deal for influence within the city government.

At the time of the deal, Pugh was sitting on the board of the University of Maryland Medical System. It was also revealed the contract was a “no-bid” deal, which is where the corruption angle comes in.

“Healthy Holly” was sold to multiple nonprofits and organizations tied to the city, including the University of Maryland Medical System, and Pugh raked in about $800,000 from the sales, according to USA Today.

Ultimately, Pugh resigned from her office in May after the scandal broke, claiming medical issues prevented her from returning to her duties as the mayor. More recently, she has apologized “for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and to the credibility of the office of the mayor.”

Pugh faces up to 20 years in prison for wire fraud charges, and up to five years for each tax evasion count.

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