Ford, GE Healthcare joint venture hits major snag in ventilator production

In order to address the looming ventilator shortage caused by the coronavirus, President Donald Trump was forced to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) to direct automotive manufacturer GM to retool their factories and produce ventilators.

Ford and GE Healthcare linked up soon after to begin producing ventilators as well, but Breitbart News reported on Thursday that the project is being held up because of a critical shortage of supplies needed to build the machines. 

Still relying on foreign supply chain

Ford has promised to crank out 50,000 ventilators in 100 days. Suddenly, that plan is very much in question.

A new Breitbart report revealed that Ford reached out to the White House to alert the coronavirus task force that the company may not be able to ramp up production as quickly or produce as many as was initially estimated.

As it turns out, Ford cannot get its hands on all the supplies it needs to produce the ventilators because the company is still reliant on its overseas supply chain.

Because ventilators are in demand around the world, Ford’s needs cannot be met by overseas suppliers. If Ford does not get this problem corrected ASAP, it is going to be a major problem for this administration and Americans if the pandemic continues to spread.

Americans are ready

While Ford seems to be stuck, there are reportedly plenty of American suppliers that can step up and make the components needed to assemble the ventilators.

For some reason, they are not being contacted by the companies that are being asked to produce these ventilators via the invocation of the DPA.

Some of the manufacturers ready to go are Brown Jig Grinding Company out of Wixom, Michigan; Leading Edge Cutting Solutions out of Waterford Township, Michigan; and SK International out of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Even if these suppliers are used, however, there is still likely to be a major snag in the production of the ventilators.

With the circuit boards for the ventilators mostly coming from China, we could end up in a situation where we have bodies with no brains, so to speak.

Breitbart stated that it had reached out to both Ford and the White House for comment, but neither had responded so far.

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