Christine Ford says she doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph

To some, Christine Blasey Ford came off as a sympathetic figure during Thursday’s Senate hearing. To others, it was just a rehearsed act, at least part of it.

When Ford said she did not know who paid for her polygraph test, it sent conservatives over the edge.

Who Was Behind It

Somehow, Ford seemed to have no idea whatsoever what was going on.

While some of her testimony was believable, it was clear the frailty act by Ford had been quite rehearsed.

She claimed to not know the definition of exculpatory, even though she is a highly educated woman.

When it came time to discuss the polygraph, a very expensive test, she claimed she had no idea who had paid for it, or if it was even expected to come out of her private funds.

As testimony wore on, Ford’s attorney Michael Bromwich interjected to confirm that the attorneys were the ones who paid for the polygraph test and that they were working pro bono.


There is one aspect of Ford’s testimony, that, at the very least, shows a tendency to embellish a bit when the facts don’t fit the narrative.

That moment came when she described how long the test took.

According to Ford, the polygraph test, which she took on August 7, was a long ordeal that had her completely flustered.

She said she couldn’t remember all the details. “I remember being hooked up to a machine, being placed on my body and being asked a lot of questions, and crying a lot,” Ford said. “That’s my primary memory of that test.”

When the results of the test were released, though, the test consisted of exactly two “relevant” questions (other than baseline questions):

Is any part of your statement false?

Did you make up any part of your statement?

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That’s it … the entire test. For the record, Ford replied no to both questions.

The test, as you can see, was as much a setup as the Dems 11th hour release of Ford’s letter.

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