Football star gives up his sports career – to join the US Air Force

College football fans were absolutely stunned by an announcement by Michigan State this week.

Michigan State defensive back Jalen Watts-Jackson is making the jump from the gridiron to the battlefield.

Watts-Jackson this week announced he will be joining the U.S. Air Force.

Family Tradition

He apparently has a long line of family members that have served this country, and Jalen wants to add his name to that list.

The Michigan State football player stated, “I am going into the Air Force. I was raised that it is a good idea to serve your country.”

He added, “I have family members that have served this country, including my dad. So, I am excited to serve this nation.”

Watts-Jackson plans on becoming an officer.

He would like to specialize in cyber systems operations and security.

Big Moments

One of the most prominent moments in Watts-Jackson’s career was a heartbreaking moment for Michigan football fans.

Back in 2015, playing as a freshman, Watts-Jackson turned a surefire win for Michigan into a heartbreaking defeat.

With 10 seconds left in the game and holding a 23-21 lead, Michigan was forced to punt.

Michigan’s punter could not handle the snap and Watts-Jackson was Johnny on the Spot, as he snagged the bouncing football in stride at the 38.

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He then bobbed and weaved his way through traffic, fighting this way over the goal line just as time expired on the clock.

As his teammates mobbed him in the end zone, Michigan faithful looked unbelievably at a final score of 27-23, Michigan State.

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