Famed Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold dead at age 57

Renowned Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold has reportedly passed away after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

He was 57.

Pulitzer-winning critic

According to Grubstreet, Gold’s critiques of the many restaurants in the Los Angeles area were read by millions of people.

His dutiful work even earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 2007.

Gold got his start in the media as a columnist for the L.A. Weekly newspaper covering the city’s music scene in the 1980s.

He later began to write about other topics in his columns, and eventually settled into a niche as a food critic and restaurant reviewer.

The critic reportedly put over 100,000 miles on his truck just driving around to all of the restaurants in the L.A. area, as he not only reviewed the food served in those restaurants, but also interviewed local butchers and restaurant workers to find out the latest scoops behind the scenes.

A busy bee

Gold was said to have visited upwards of 500 different places to eat in the city each year, and he wrote thousands of columns detailing his experiences, some of which were compiled into a book published in 2000.

He even had a documentary movie made about him in 2015, when he finally dropped the mask of anonymity and embraced his role of informing the public about the best places to eat, and what dishes to order.

Sadly, Gold was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early in July, though few people outside of his family and inner circle of friends were aware of his dire illness, which ultimately prevailed.

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Gold will certainly be missed by the legion of fans, followers, and casual readers he has accumulated over the years, –including a number of prominent celebrities, chefs, and journalists in the L.A. area.

We can only commiserate with the sadness felt by those who loved and appreciated Gold, and pray in their support as they deal with the tragic loss.

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