'Fomenting hatred': Student groups sued for being terror propagandists

 June 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

College campuses in the United States became the scene of pro-Palestinian "protests" starting immediately after Hamas terrorists from Gaza invaded Israel and butchered some 1,200 civilians, often through horrific torture like burning whole families together, last Oct. 7.

Now two of the organizations that orchestrated those "protests" are being sued.

For being propagandists for those Hamas terrorists.

report from CBN explains the lawsuit filed in Virginia accuses American Muslims for Palestine and National Students for Justice in Palestine, both of whom espouse anti-Semitic views, of collaborating with Hamas terrorists to be their "propaganda division" in America.

Arsen Ostrovsky, of the Jerusalem-based International Legal Forum, told CBN, "These groups are the primary drivers of what we're seeing happening across campuses in the United States, which have effectively become a second front Hamas since October seventh."

He is working in conjunction with Greenberg, Traurig, a U.S. legal team, and the National Jewish Advocacy Group.

"They are acting and serving in collaboration and coordination with Hamas, essentially as propagandists and collaborators on campus to try and promote the Hamas extremist ideology," he said.

Anti-Semitic "demonstrations" began at Columbia University right after Hamas' terror attack on Israel, and have spread from coast to coast.

"Hamas issued a call to action. And the very next day, SJP and their affiliates throughout the United States – they answered that call. They answered that directive. They created a toolkit, a manifesto for chapters across the United States, echoing the language, the terminology, the instructions by the Hamas terror group, and propagated that across campuses," Ostrovsky explained to CBN.

The case charges that those groups have become foot soldiers for Hamas.

"There are nine plaintiffs, including Americans and Israelis as well," Ostrovsky said, seeking compensation for the damages done.

They include victims and survivors of the Nova massacre.

The legal fight includes the goal of shutting down the groups by documenting their violations of the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act.

"They are the ones fomenting the hatred, the anti-Semitism, the harassment of Jewish students," Ostrovsky said. "We need to shut them down. And we can do that legally by branding them as a terrorist organization, as a collaborator of the Hamas terror group, and making sure once and for all they cannot be active on campus."

He said ultimately the fight will be not only on physical battlefields but also in courtrooms.

"Today what we're seeing is that the state of Israel is being demonized and vilified and delegitimized and painted as a pariah. Where we're seeing the international law not only being misused but being turned into an act of lawfare against us for the simple act of defending our citizens, trying to bring back our captives," Ostrovsky stated.

He said not only to terrorists in Hamas need to be held accountable, but so do those who enable the agenda, that support them.

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