Instagram followers of Ivanka Trump express concern over apparent substantial weight loss

February 7, 2023
Ben Marquis

Fans of former first daughter Ivanka Trump have begun to express some concern about what they view as an apparent decline in her health, the Conservative Brief reported.

Those concerns have been expressed via comments in reply to recent social media posts from the eldest daughter of former President Donald Trump.

Noticeable weight loss

Celebrity watch site SheFinds reported last week that some of Ivanka Trump's followers on Instagram have pointed out that she appears to have lost a substantial amount of weight over the past several months.

A number of such comments were seen on a Jan. 29 post from Trump that included several photos taken on a hike through nature that was captioned "Feeling the NY winter vibes."


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The primary suspected reason for the apparent rapid weight loss cited by many of those commenters was the death last year of her dearly beloved mother, Ivana Trump, and their concerns that she was not eating enough while dealing with the grievous loss.

"Heartbroken" over loss of her mother

Indeed, Trump herself had posted on Dec. 28 a number of old pictures from her childhood at Christmas along with a lengthy caption that detailed how "heartbroken" she was in struggling to deal with the first holiday season without her mother following the tragic death in July 2022.


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To be sure, as anyone who has lost a parent can also attest, the first few holidays or other major and important dates after such a loss can be difficult to handle, and it is not at all uncommon for those stricken with grief and worry to lose some weight.

Other major stressors could be to blame

Of course, while most of those who pointed out the apparent weight loss, likely linked to the unfortunate death of her mother, made it clear that they were supportive of her, some others highlighted other possible reasons and, predictably, some were not particularly kind in doing so.

In the view of some, the concerning weight loss could be attributable to her father, former President Trump, and the undoubtedly incredible level of stress that weighs on those in his orbit.

That stress, which can also result in weight loss, could be due to his impending third run for the presidency in 2024, though also potentially because of financial and legal troubles, for both her and her own family as well as the Trump family more broadly, that stemmed from his presidency that ended in dramatic fashion in 2021.

Prayers for improved health

It is generally considered impolite to remark upon someone's weight, and many of the commenters to Ivanka Trump's posts made it clear that they meant no ill will and sought not to belittle or shame her but simply to express genuine concerns and sympathy.

Whatever the case may be for the apparent weight loss, we share the expressed concerns and hope that her health has not been negatively impacted in a significant way.

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