FNC’s Rivera accuses Biden of ‘whoring himself’ to Saudi Arabia

The Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera is typically one of President Joe Biden’s most ardent mainstream media defenders. But, apparently, Biden is doing something so wrong that not even Rivera can defend it.

During a recent appearance on Fox’s The Five, Rivera went so far as to say that Biden is “whor[ing] himself” by going to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil. 

“I am delighted that the EV revolution is getting a push by the shortage in the fossil fuel sector,” Rivera said. “So, I think we all will transition into EV eventually.”

Rivera, however, continued:

I deplore the fact that the president is gonna go to Saudi Arabia and whore himself — excuse my language — to the Saudis attempting them to get them to increase production. I think it’s really unseemly.


This all took place during last Wednesday’s edition of The Five. There, Rivera and the four others decided to talk about the ongoing energy crisis, which has resulted in Americans having to pay staggering prices for both oil and gas.

One of the ways that Biden will address this crisis is to make a trip to Saudi Arabia to, essentially, beg for more oil. There are all kinds of reasons why this is absurd – so absurd that not even Rivera wants to defend it.

For one thing, Biden, as a presidential candidate, vowed to treat Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” country. He did so because of Saudi Arabia’s alleged involvement in the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, the journalist.

This apparently, though, is now out the window now. Biden, trying to save face, however, still maintains, “I’m not going to meet with MBS [Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman]; I’m going to an international meeting and he’s going to be part of it.”

Biden’s reversal

There is even more absurdity to this situation, though, than that.

The reader will likely know that Biden has been waging a war on domestic oil and gas production from day one of his presidency when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline project. So, part of the absurdity comes from the fact that Biden seems to believe that it is better to go “whore himself” to Saudi Arabia, as Rivera put it, than to increase domestic gas and oil production, which many maintain could solve the energy crisis.

On top of this, though, Biden, of all a sudden, appears to have reversed his position on domestic oil and gas production by demanding that U.S. oil producers increase output.

It’s a real clown show that Biden is running. And, apparently, this aspect of it is just too much for the usually-pro Biden Rivera.

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