FNC’s Greg Gutfeld reveals a member of his family was in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion

The Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld has revealed that his mother-in-law was in Ukraine when the Russians invaded the country, the Washington Examiner reports

It was on Wednesday that Gurfeld revealed that his mother-in-law was stuck at a hotel located in the Ukrainian city of Lviv as she tried to make her way out of the country.

“I think she’s at your hotel,” Gutfeld said while speaking to another Fox News reporter. “So if you run into her, give her my best. And give everyone there my best.”

Gutfeld went on to thank everyone for “helping out a little old lady they just met.”


Gutfield, on Thursday, provided an update on his mother-in-law’s situation. And, according to the Fox host, she has managed to flee the country.

Gutfeld provided the update during a recent segment of the Fox News Channel’s The Five. There, he revealed that his mother-in-law has managed to cross over into Poland.

“She’s in a car on her way to Warsaw to see her daughter Elena,” Gutfeld said, noting that his mother-in-law had just managed to cross over the Ukrainian border about a half-an-hour before he provided the update on Thursday.

The exodus

Reports indicate over a million Ukrainians have decided to flee their home country in search of safety in nearby countries as the Russians continue their invasion. The rate of the exodus is happening at about a hundred-thousand individuals per day.

It is also being reported that of the one-million individuals who have fled, roughly half – 500,000 – are children.

Lviv is in the western portion of the country, and it has become a gathering spot for those who have been displaced as a result of the invasion. Most of the combat is currently taking place in the eastern portion of the country.

Many of those who have not left the country have decided to stay and try to fight off the Russians. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been calling for all the help that he can get

It is believed that, so far, Russia has killed more than 2,000 civilians during its invasion of the country.

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