FNC’s Bongino says the Dem Party is one of ‘hardcore racism’

The Fox News Channel’s Dan Bongino just exposed the truth about America’s Democratic Party. What is it?

According to Bongino, it is that “Democrats are the party of racism,” and not just any kind of racism, but “open, hardcore racism.” 

Bongino made the claim during Saturday’s broadcast of Unfiltered. 

“There’s no sugar coating it,” Bongino began the segment saying. “I’m just going to cut right to the chase and say it because it’s true: Democrats are the party of racism – no, not softcore, not softcore racism – I mean open, hardcore racism.”

He’s right

Bongino had the goods to back his claim up. He began by narrowing in on how Democrats treat Black conservatives.

“Radical leftists are not our friends,” Bongino said. “In fact, they don’t really like anyone they see as an obstacle to power, but the same radical leftists reserve a special form of hatred for Black conservatives.”

At this point, Bongino provided viewers with statements made on television recently by leftists. This included one statement, which Bongino referred to as “disgusting racism in its purist form,” made by an MSNBC guest about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

After the guest flat out called Walker “unintelligent,” he went on to say, “Walker is going to do what he is told, and that’s what Republicans like – that’s what Republicans want from their negroes – to do what they’re told.”

Bongino went on to provide more examples of the left’s “special hatred of Black conservatives,” including the way they treated Herman Cain following his COVID death, the way they treated Winsome Sears after her election in Virginia, the way they have treated Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and more.

“Overwhelming evidence”

Bongino continued by further arguing that “the Democrats claim to be the ones who care about the Black community,” but that their “words and their actions” suggest the opposite – it suggests that they are the “party of blatant, open racism.”

Here, Bongino backed his claim up with the fact that big cities led by Democrats are in bad shape, particularly with regard to crime, with the fact that Democrat COVID mandates for students in D.C. disproportionately affect Black students, and more.

“The Radical left, again, the evidence is overwhelming, are the party of blatant, open racism. They’re not hiding it,” Bongino said.

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