George Floyd family attorney announces endorsement of Kamala Harris for VP

While the country awaits news about who Joe Biden will choose as his running mate, one of the media’s favorites to be the former VP’s vice president just received a big endorsement.

Ben Crump, the attorney for the family of George Floyd, has endorsed Kamala Harris for the role of Biden’s vice president, The Hill reported Saturday.

Kamala gets Crump’s nod

With many wondering if Biden would serve a second term in the White House — or even make it through his first — the 77-year-old’s pick for VP could make or break his campaign. One wrong move could boost the traction President Donald Trump has been gaining in recent weeks — and that’s something “Joe 30330,” who has previously promised to choose a female running mate, surely hopes to avoid.

In that vein, Crump says Harris is the best woman for the job.

According to The Hill, the lawyer, who is suing the city of Minneapolis on behalf of George Floyd’s family, threw his support behind Harris in a recent op-ed for CNN.

“This is a time for steely-eyed public servants who play no games and demand results,” he wrote, according to The Hill. “It’s time for Sen. Kamala Harris to join Joe Biden’s ticket and, God willing, help him actualize the next phase of this movement from the White House.”

The pros and cons

The benefits of a Biden–Harris ticket are obvious: Biden is facing mounting calls to choose a woman of color as his VP, and Harris fits the bill. But she isn’t the only one.

In a report published Friday, The New York Times named several women of color who are reportedly in the running, including California Rep. Karen Bass, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Still, Harris is a good fundraiser and an excellent public speaker. Of course, that’s about where it ends.

If Harris was chosen as Biden’s VP, she wouldn’t do anything to bolster his campaign at the state level; the senator hails from California, a state that Democrats are likely to win regardless of who Biden chooses.

Meanwhile, Harris has faced widespread pushback over her record as a California prosecutor. Her prior tough-on-crime attitude likely won’t bode well for a campaign full of progressives who want to abolish the police — and President Trump’s campaign is sure to capitalize on that if given the chance. Her previous comments about Joe Biden and his own record on race and segregation also won’t help matters.

Indeed, while Harris may still be a favorite, it’s hard to see how the California senator would help Biden in any way this November. Only time will tell if it’s a risk Biden is willing to take.

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