FLOTUS, Canadian PM cheek kiss sends internet into a frenzy

Leave it to the trolls to make something out of nothing just to take a cheap shot at President Donald Trump.

After first lady Melania Trump greeted Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau with a cheek kiss at the G7 Summit, the trolls came out in force to suggest something more was going on.

The G7 Summit

The G7 Summit is one of the more important meetings held during the course of the year.

Elected representatives from around the world get together to discuss economic issues that will impact these countries and the entire globe.

The media portrayed the meeting as being dominated by conversations about Trump’s approach to dealing with China and the current trade war.

Trump, however, stated he had a particularly good meeting with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.

The Trolls Come Out

While the discussions at the summit should have been the big news, the trolls came out to try to make something out of nothing.

Our first lady has greeted plenty of guests at the White House and at meetings such as this with a friendly peck, as have the first ladies before her and the spouses of other world leaders.

The anti-Trumpers came out in force, though, to suggest Melania was looking at Trudeau with a longing to get away from Trump.

The tweets were pathetic and had only one purpose, namely to get under Trump’s skin.

The not-so-funny thing here is that if any member of the media or high-profile personality had suggested something such as this with Michelle Obama, there would have been instant outrage.

Instead, Twitter trolls just jumped on the bandwagon and actually piled on with even more disgusting comments about our first lady.

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