Protesters force Florida’s attorney general to flee movie screening

The attacks against high-profile conservatives in public have reached an all-time high.

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi was forced to leave a screening of a Mr. Rogers documentary after she was bullied, harassed, and chastised by protesters.

Irony Not Lost

The documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor was screening in Florida when Bondi was run off.

Ironically, the documentary was about tolerance and anti-bullying.

The problem for Bondi, though, was her public stance on Obamacare is not one that is supported by liberals — so they attacked her.

“We were in a movie about anti-bullying and practicing peace and love and tolerance and accepting of people for their differences,” Bondi said of the situation.

“We all believe in free speech, but there’s a big difference there,” Bondi added.

And she is right: the difference is liberals are on the warpath, and nothing is being done to stop them.

The Attack

The group had several issues with Bondi.

Bondi, as well as more than a dozen other state AGs, is working to get certain aspects of Obamacare repealed.

In addition to whining about that, protesters were getting in her face about immigrant family separations — the problem that President Donald Trump solved last week with an executive order.

More Attacks Against Conservative Women

Attacking women has apparently become en vogue for liberals.

Just a few weeks ago, someone threw a drink at conservative pundit Tomi Lahren while she was leaving a restaurant with her parents.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen was even forced to leave a Washington restaurant under cover from her security team when she was hassled while having dinner.

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On the same day Bondi was attacked, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also tossed out of a restaurant in Virginia, simply because she is a member of Trump’s staff.

All women. All attacked by liberals.

Just saying.

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