Florida TV news anchor discovered dead at 56

Locals in Florida were saddened to learn one of their own passed away at far too young an age.

Todd Tongen, who was an Emmy-award winning broadcaster for WPLG, passed away at the age of 56 in his Florida home.

Sad Discovery

Tongen was the weekend news anchor for WPLG. When he did not show up for work on Sunday, co-workers immediately started to become concerned.

Calls to his home went unanswered because Tongen’s wife was out of town for the weekend. His wife also became concerned because she apparently tried to reach him several times to no avail.

She called some friends to check in on him, but they too received no answer.

Police were eventually called to investigate. When local authorities arrived at Tongen’s home, they found him dead.

Community Shocked

Obviously, the local community is in mourning over the loss of Tongen. Local news anchors have a way of working their way into everyone’s hearts.

You spend several hours a week listening to the news with them, so it is almost like losing a family member when someone like Tongen dies.

Mournful sentiments rang out on social media all weekend after the news of his death was released. His co-workers bombarded Twitter with pictures of Tongen, showing he was not above making fun of himself for the sake of entertaining his viewers.

Police have yet to reveal a cause of death, nor they have they announced if there was a hint of foul play or if it was suicide.

More information will no doubt be available throughout the week as investigators look into the cause of death.

Rest in peace, Mr. Tongen.

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