Florida Supreme Court allows grand jury probe of COVID-19 vaccine makers to proceed

According to the Daily Wire, the Supreme Court of Florida is going to allow a grand jury to be impaneled to investigate the manufacturers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. 

This is part of an effort that is being led by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).


DeSantis, according to the New York Post, is specifically looking to investigate Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – including those responsible for vaccine design, development, testing, marketing, labeling, distribution, sale, purchase, donation, and administration – for potential wrongdoing with regard to their mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

DeSantis, for example, noted in his grand jury petition that the Florida Department of Health conducted an analysis in which it “found an increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”​

DeSantis furthered supported this claim with other studies – from France, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada – that found the same thing.

DeSantis, in his petition, argued that “an investigation is warranted to determine whether the pharmaceutical industry has engaged ​in fraudulent practices.”

“The pharmaceutical industry has a notorious history of misleading the public for financial gain,” DeSantis wrote. “Questions have been raised regarding the veracity of the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly with respect to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety.”

Petition granted

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Florida granted DeSantis’s request to impanel a grand jury.

It did so because it found “that good and sufficient reason exists and that it is in the public interest.”

The order from the court reads:

A statewide grand jury shall be promptly impaneled for a term of twelve calendar months, to run from the date of impanelment, with jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida, to investigate crime, return indictments, make presentments, and otherwise perform all functions of a grand jury with regard to the offenses stated herein.

The grand jury will be presided over by Judge Ronald Ficarrotta.

The manufacturers respond

Pfizer has responded to DeSantis’s investigation with a statement that it released to the Daily Wire.

The statement reads:

Regulatory agencies across the world have authorized the use of our COVID-19 vaccine. These authorizations are based on robust and independent evaluation of the scientific data on quality, safety, and efficacy, including our landmark phase 3 clinical trial. Data from real world studies complement the clinical trial data and provide additional evidence that the vaccine provides effective protection against severe disease.

Pfizer went on to claim that “mRNA vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, tens of billions of dollars in health care costs, and enabled people worldwide to go about their lives more freely.”

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