Former Florida Senate President John Vogt has died

A long-time Democrat in Florida recently lost his struggle to a horrible disease.

On March 21, Florida Democrat John Vogt passed away from interstitial fibrosis.

Vogt’s Political Career

Vogt and his family have resided in Florida for decades.

As so, they were also very involved in the local community, including entering the local political scene.

John Vogt followed in the footsteps of his great-great uncle.

Daniel Vogt had served in the Florida House of Representatives from 1856-1861.

John Vogt was first elected to office in 1972, when he won his seat in the Florida Senate.

He remained in that position until 1988.

Prior to leaving office, though, Vogt served as the Senate President beginning in 1986.

Vogt has part of a movement both within the Florida Senate and the party to have a more conservative Democrat lead the party.

That movement was short lived, though, as Senator Ken Jenne, the same person Vogt was chosen over for Senate President, defeated Vogt in a primary for Insurance Commissioner.

Jenne was then defeated in the general election and lost to Republican Tom Gallagher.

Vogt’s Legacy

Unlike many of today’s politicians, Vogt wanted to work together to solve problems that would help the voters, not just serve the party line.

That forward thinking was more than likely what gained him support as Senate President.

However, it was also probably the reason his political career was cut short.

As we all know, politicians don’t want to solve problems, they want to create headlines and get themselves votes for the next election, and nothing else.

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Some of his most notable achievements while in office were helping to solve the problem of overcrowding in prison, passing an MLK, Jr. state holiday, and increasing state spending for science and math education.

His daughter said he was true to himself until the very end, stating, “He was charming, funny, and strong-willed to the very end. His mind was sharp as a tack, but his lung disease … finally got the best of him.”

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