Florida migrant threatens to kill Trump

A rather disturbing and concerning scene played out at a Walmart in Florida.

Mohammed Omar Haji Mohammed, a migrant (from exactly where is unclear at this point) attempted to stab a customer service employee while at the same time screaming threats at Donald Trump.

Coming for Trump

According to reports, Mohammed got into some type of confrontation at the Walmart customer service counter on July 8.

Suddenly, he tried to stab the Walmart employee with scissors. While doing this, he started to scream out in Arabic. Police responding to the call were able to get some of what he said on the bodycams.

When the video was translated, Mohammed was found to have made several threats against the President. The translations provided from the police were:

“We are coming for you Trump.”

“We are coming for you with knives.

“God will send angels to destroy you.

“I need Trump cut. I want to cut, two portions.”

Federal Charges

Mohammed is now reportedly facing federal charges for threatening Trump.

In addition to the verbal threats he made, reports also stated Mohammed made threats on social media.

He was apparently disgruntled after losing his job recently and had been acting strangely in the days leading up to the attack and threats.

Mohammed is expected to have his hearing in the next few days and reportedly has no attorney of record at this point.

If he is found guilty, he will face up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and possible deportation.

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