GOP Rep.-elect Flores says VP Harris is ‘honestly useless’ at addressing border migration crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked by President Joe Biden in March 2021 to deal with the issue of mass illegal immigration across the nation’s southern border, but the problem has only seemed to become even worse since then.

Harris’ dubious claims of making “progress” on the border and migration issues were just destroyed by new Rep.-elect Mayra Flores (R-TX), who described the vice president as “honestly useless” in terms of addressing the problems, the Daily Caller reported.

Republican candidate Flores won a surprising upset victory in a special election Tuesday to fill the vacant seat of Texas’ 34th District — an overwhelmingly Hispanic district along the southern border that has been a Democratic stronghold for more than a century.

VP Harris “honestly useless” on the southern border migration crisis

During an interview Thursday, when asked about VP Harris’ prior claims of making “progress” on tackling illegal immigration and the unsecured border, Flores said of the vice president, “She’s honestly useless.”

“I don’t know why she’s in that position,” the newly elected congresswoman added. “She hasn’t been here in south Texas to see what their policies are creating, the mess that they’re creating in our country, and that their policies are hurting real people.”

National Dems dismiss Flores’ victory

The Daily Caller reported that Flores defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez in Tuesday’s special election to fill out the remainder of retired Rep. Filemon Vela’s (D-TX) term, and avoided a run-off by garnering 51 percent of the vote.

The victory for Flores sent shockwaves through the political world, especially among Texas Democrats, who, according to Politico, are increasingly incensed that the national Democratic Party has not sufficiently addressed the growing support for Republican candidates among Hispanic and Latino voters who used to predominately vote blue.

Indeed, much like how VP Harris has paid minimal attention to the border migration crisis, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) seemed to dismiss Flores’ victory as a “fluke” and insisted that the GOP had wasted millions of dollars on a “symbolic” win in a district they would likely lose in November.

Dems take support of Hispanics and Latinos “for granted,” Texas Dems warn

But that opinion is not shared by Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX), who will face off against Flores in November in a redrawn district. “I hope the DCCC learns their lesson with this before it happens across the country,” he told Politico. “They have just forgotten about the brown people on the border. And that’s basically what it is. I’m not going to try to sugarcoat it anymore. They are taking Latinos in South Texas for granted.”

A similar message was heard from Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who told the outlet, “The DCCC needs to sit down and look at South Texas seriously,” and added, “I don’t think it’s a political realignment, but this should send a message to the DCCC … You can’t take Hispanics for granted, which they always do.”

There is no question that Republicans have gained serious ground in terms of support from Hispanic and Latino voters, and while the GOP certainly has plenty of momentum heading into November’s election, they are likely hopeful that the DCCC will ignore the warnings from Texas Democrats and continue to take the votes of “brown people on the border” for granted.

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