First Lady tweets White House invitation, encouraging visitors

The liberal media refuses to leave the First Lady alone for a single second.

So, Melania Trump answered the bell, sending out several tweets updating her situation, including an invitation for Americans to visit the White House…


The media insists on knowing every step taken by Melania Trump.

After FLOTUS announced “Be Best,” she was diagnosed with a kidney condition that required emergency surgery.

While recovering, the media challenged everything from the condition to how long she was spending in the hospital.

When Melania returned to the White House, the media once again lashed out, demanding she make more public appearances.

Simply put, that is not Melania’s style.

She does not crave the camera and simply does not feel comfortable being in the spotlight.

However, silently, and behind the scenes, she is more than fulfilling her role as First Lady.

Besides, every time she sticks her head up the media rips her for something she did, something she is wearing, or something she said.

So, why would she feed them what they want?

Media Demands

Several days ago, the story of her “disappearance” started to dominate the headlines.

This was once again more about the media trying to create a negative headline.

They were quick to point out Melania would not be accompanying Trump during his next two trips.

What they failed to mention is that she is more than likely staying behind to take care of Barron.

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While the media insists on making much ado about nothing, they neglect to mention the times Michelle Obama either did not go or left trips early when Obama was in office.

Melania prefers to stay home with her son… and although the media would like to have you believe otherwise, that is not a crime.

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