First lady Biden claims she has ‘not yet’ discussed potential 2024 run with President Biden

President Joe Biden and his White House have been adamant that he fully intends to run for a second term in 2024, but it appears that the plan to do so has not been discussed with a key stakeholder and decision-maker — first lady Jill Biden.

The first lady, in an interview this week with NBC’s “Today” show, revealed that she and her husband have “not yet” discussed whether or not he will run to remain in office in 2024, Breitbart reported.

Dr. Biden did, however, seem to indicate that she would support and encourage a bid by the president for a second term as the nation’s chief executive.

Been busy

Jill Biden sat for an interview with Sheinelle Jones of “Today” during a visit to an elementary school in Knoxville, Tennessee, and discussed the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a reported impending shortage of teachers, and the upcoming 2024 election cycle, among other things.

Asked if she had talked about 2024 with her husband yet, Biden replied, “Uh, not yet. We’ve been a little bit too busy. Not yet, but I’m sure there’ll be a discussion.”

Jones also asked if the first couple were ready for the “taxing” campaign trail of another presidential run, to which the first lady said, “Well, you know, it is taxing, but, you know, look at all that Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do.”

“So, I just think he needs to keep going,” Biden added of the president.

Reasonable doubts about 2024

It seems rather unlikely that the president and first lady have not yet actually discussed the possibility of a re-election bid, and the first lady was most likely just playing coy on the subject in order to not detract attention from the particularly crucial midterm elections in November, in which it is widely anticipated that Biden’s Democratic Party will lose its slim majority of the House and potentially even the Senate.

Further, according to The Hill, there are real and legitimate questions about whether Biden will actually seek a second term in 2024, despite his insistence that he will, due to his age and perpetually low approval numbers, and the broad unpopularity of some of his highly touted achievements, be they through executive action or partisan legislation.

In fact, the Washington Examiner reported that some elected Democrats, particularly those who are vulnerable in battleground districts and states, have sought to distance themselves from the president and have remained noncommittal or even expressed doubts when pressed about 2024.

Once the midterm elections are over, and depending upon how everything shakes out, it should eventually become more clear as to whether President Biden will seek a second term in office, and one would presume that the first lady will have an important say in that ultimate decision.

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