First lady receives mixed reviews after revealing White House Christmas decor

Former first lady Melania Trump received harsh criticism regarding, among other things, her choices in White House Christmas decor.

Such backlash appears to be bipartisan, though, as first lady Jill Biden discovered upon unveiling her own decorations recently.

First lady showcases White House Christmas display

According to the New York Post, many social media users panned the Biden administration’s holiday trimmings as colorless and boring.

Considering the sharp partisan split across the nation, however, there was unsurprisingly plenty of praise for the first lady’s style — along with some obligatory shots at the former administration.

The decorations were first revealed by the first lady and showcased a minimalist design with simple adornments and bright white lights.

A few gold ornaments broke up the monochromatic look and other decorations depicted white doves carrying banners to represent all U.S. states and territories.

“Experiences that lifted our spirits this year”

Many of the social media complaints lodged at the decorations centered on its lack of color, which was a departure from the colorful look of Trump-era adornments. Of course, some photos shared in subsequent tweets revealed colors aside from white.

One particularly colorful area was a more traditionally appointed area featuring stockings for the Biden grandchildren over a fireplace and a pair of decorated trees. A gingerbread village served as a tribute to first responders and similarly earned high marks.

On the other hand, even some on the left had harsh words for a stack of fake presents surrounding an entryway, which was deemed too commercial for some tastes and compared to the gaudy displays found in department stores.

While the Biden administration’s Christmas decor was described as insufficiently classy for the White House, it seemed to garner higher marks overall than the president’s approval rating in recent polls.

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