First Lady Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19, latest case demonstrating inefficacy of the vaccine

First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday evening and is reportedly experiencing “mild symptoms.”

The First Lady’s communications director Elizabeth Alexander confirmed the positive test and explained that the First Lady first began experiencing symptoms on Monday evening.

The First Lady’s positive test comes just weeks after President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19.

Covid-19 not going anywhere

The First Lady, who is double vaccinated and twice boosted, will be isolated away from the President for the next week in South Carolina.

The First Lady testing positive with mild symptoms despite her double vaccination and boosts further demonstrates that Covid-19 has become endemic and is not going anywhere.

What should concern Americans is the fact that the First Lady has been vacationing with the President and other family members since last week.

It’s worth being concerned about the President having a rebound case of Covid-19.

The First Lady is also being treated with Paxlovid, which is the same antiviral medication that President Biden was treated with when he was infected.

So far, the prognosis is good, but the elderly age of both the President and the First Lady makes any sickness a serious concern for the nation.

The truth is out

The recent Covid-19 infections in the White House have illustrated what many Americans have said since the beginning of the pandemic.

President Biden once promised that “You’re OK, you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” a promise that aged like milk. Since then, countless heads of state have gotten Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated and boosted.

Americans were lied to about the efficacy of the vaccine, and the mandates that Democrats pushed cost many Americans their livelihoods. Now would be a good time for the Biden administration to apologize for lying to Americans for years.

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