‘People can breathe again’: First lady claims Biden administration allows America to ‘heal’

There is clearly no love lost between the Trump and Biden administrations with plenty of sharp rhetoric being employed by top officials from both camps.

Among the latest over-the-top remarks was the implication by First Lady Jill Biden that former President Donald Trump had essentially kept the nation in a chokehold during his term in the White House.

“I felt so much anxiety”

According to Breitbart, Biden made the alarming statement during a recent interview, going on to insist that the United States can finally “heal” now that her husband is president.

The first lady’s assessment was included in the effusive profile published in Vogue, which notably opted against publishing such a glowing piece about former First Lady Melania Trump.

As President Joe Biden approached his 100-day mark in his administration, his wife offered an unsurprisingly rosy review.

“During the campaign, I felt so much anxiety from people; they were scared,” she said. “When I travel around the country now, I feel as though people can breathe again.”

“He lowers the temperature”

She also said that the supposed inability to “breathe” was likely a contributing factor for many Americans who chose to vote for the Biden ticket.

“People wanted someone to come in and heal this nation, not just from the pandemic, which I feel Joe did by, you know, getting shots in everybody’s arms,” the first lady said. “But also…he’s just a calmer president. He lowers the temperature.”

A charitable interpretation of Jill Biden’s remarks is that she believes many Americans were figuratively holding their breaths during Trump’s tenure and felt some measure of relief upon Biden’s election.

Given the “I can’t breathe” mantra widely used by protesters across the U.S. in recent years, however, her words could be taken much differently. The hyperbolic implication behind that interpretation is that the former president was effectively strangling the nation to near-death before Biden came along, lifted the nation up, and allowed it to “heal.”

It remains to be seen whether Trump himself will speak out in his own defense against her critical remarks.

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